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Mailbag: Expectations For The Late Round Picks? Dez & Revis?

To me it seems like the last four picks of this draft (Marquez White, Joey Ivie, Noah Brown, and Jordan Carrell) are being written off early because of the depth and higher competition for their respective positions. Do you see any of these guys making the final 53 man roster?

Bryan: I wouldn't say written off but you are correct about the depth at the positions. We don't know how these guys are going to play or what camp injuries might take place to alter the final 53. Keep an eye two guys: Noah Brown and Joey Ivie depending how the numbers work out. 

David:Everyone is guilty of roster crunching. You look at what round a guy was picked in, and then you consider the depth at his position. It's easy to see why people write off the late-round guys. But that doesn't account for injuries, or just outright performance during the preseason. Of those four guys, I think White has the steepest challenge in front of him. But I wouldn't be surprised to see any of them sneak onto the roster – or at the very least, the practice squad.

So what do you all make of the tweet from Dez to Darrelle Revis asking him to come to Dallas?  I am not trying to be a negative Nellie, crybaby Cowboys fan but when one reads between the lines could it mean Dez and our wide receiver group is tearing up our DB's in OTA's and we need help?  I know we have a young DB backfield and it is so early.  I am trying to remain positive so please throw me a bone here.  Can our young DB's play?

Bryan: No offense, sir, but if you're really following this team, we report on these defensive backs every chance we get whether that's through our writing or daily shows. Nobody is getting torn up so that's not an issue. Dez and Revis visiting on social media is nothing more than two players having a chat. 

David:Sometimes it's best to just not overthink things. Dez is a super competitive, All-Pro player. He wants to work with other guys in that mold. I don't think there's some kind of hidden agenda, other than Dez wanting to play with other good players. From what we've seen, the Cowboys' young DBs have looked just fine. There's no need to be so concerned about one innocuous tweet, sent in the middle of the offseason.

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