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Mailbag: Explaining Lucky's Release? Noah Brown's Roster Chances?

While we can understand why Dallas cut Lucky Whitehead, (although I believe it's mainly because they have Switzer), why is it so hard for Jason Garrett to say: "Hey, we got this particular situation wrong, (we all did, let's keep it real), but we stand by the circumstance of why we cut him regarding all of his other issues."

Bryan:To be honest, they really don't owe us an answer why they release a player. Maybe because I've been in that position but I never felt that I had to explain to anyone outside of our organization why. I don't see a reason to apologize because they made a move to release a player that wasn't in their eyes going in the right direction. I accept that much like I'll accept their decision to release guys after Sept. 1st. 

David:This is a fair question. The Cowboys can cut whoever they want for whatever reason they want, and I know they had more justification for releasing Lucky Whitehead than a case of mistaken identity. That said, I don't think Jason Garrett does himself any favors with his approach. You don't have to throw the guy under the bus too much, but the situation certainly deserved a more nuanced response than it got.

Does cutting Lucky Whitehead all but lock up Noah Brown making the final 53 as the sixth wide receiver?

Bryan: In my initial 53-man roster projections, I didn't have them keeping six receivers, so no. I don't see this as a lock for Brown at all. 

David:Cutting Lucky Whitehead changes almost nothing about the receiver spot, in my opinion. I think your first four of Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley and Ryan Switzer is set. I think Brice Butler is the favorite to win the fifth spot, but I'm not ready to rule out Noah Brown just yet. If Brown has a spectacular camp, maybe they keep six receivers – but it wouldn't be surprising at all to see them stick with five.

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