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Mailbag: Fielding Questions About Potential Free Agency Signings

Interesting thought: Dallas could sign Mark Ingram and Reggie Bush for less than it would take to sign just DeMarco Murray, and both have past connections to the Cowboys, Ingram (2011 draft interest) Bush (Linehan). Thoughts?

Bryan:I would think that it would be more likely that they sign Mark Ingram than it would be to grab Reggie Bush – if they were to consider this at all. Jason Garrett was very interested in Ingram during that draft and still might see a future with him.

David:If Murray isn't part of the plan going forward, then Mark Ingram is high up on the list of replacements that I think would work in Dallas. He reminds me a lot of Murray, not just in his running style but his career arc. He hasn't been heavily used in New Orleans, he's shown some fumble issues – but he did enough to reach the Pro Bowl in his fourth season. I think he would be quite successful running behind this line, and I think he'd be relatively affordable. There's no doubt he'd be cheap compared to Murray, but I think Bush would be too expensive considering what the Cowboys would want from him.


With A.J. Hawk getting released do you think the Cowboys might make a run at him? Might be cheaper than some of our own guys.

Bryan: You if have an opportunity – order the NFL Game Rewind from and watch the Green Bay games from this season on the "All-22" and tell me if you would like to have A.J. Hawk on your team. I will give you a little insight that the Packers took him off the field and started to play nickel even on early downs because he was missing tackles in the running game and was a huge liability in pass coverage.

David: As always, you have to step back and ask yourself why this guy is suddenly on the open market. He was a solid player for the Packers during his time there, but I think it's probably fair to say he never quite lived up to the hype of going fifth overall in the NFL draft. Aside from name recognition, I don't know what Hawk would bring to this defense that the Cowboys couldn't get by simply re-signing their own – whether that's Justin Durant, Rolando McClain or Bruce Carter.

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