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Mailbag: Filling Dez's Role If He Can't Play? Compensatory Pick For Leary?

If Dez is ruled out for this week (and possibly more), does Terrance Williams become the new No. 1 (X receiver) or does Brice Butler actually take over at the X and leave Terrance where he normally plays?

Bryan: I believe that you will see them interchange and that will depend where Cole Beasley lines up. The one thing these coaches preach is flexibility within the scheme. Even with Dez Bryant in the lineup you see him line up in different spots and not the traditional roles. This will carry over.  

David:We've already seen Brice play a decent number of snaps this season, even with Dez in the lineup, so I'd imagine they'll simply bump his tally. Both guys should be capable of playing both spots, but I'd want Butler filling the role of Dez as often as possible because of his size advantage.


If Ron Leary plays well and signs a decent deal with another team next year, is it possible that we could net a third or a fourth-round pick for him? Which probably would be better than whatever we could have got trading him this year?

Bryan: True – the payoff in the end could be better but you just have to be patient to wait for it. A selection for Leary would not come before the 2018 NFL Draft.

David:That's a really good point. If Leary plays well, he could be due for quite a payday in the spring – assuming no one is scared off by his injury history. It'd have to be a pretty hefty deal to warrant a third-round pick, but the Cowboys should expect some kind of compensation.

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