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Mailbag: Finding The Cowboys' Ideal CB? Addressing WR Before Draft?

With our defensive scheme and makeup on the team, what is our perfect defensive back? We've seen this "bend don't break" D for a few years, but is that due to personnel or design? Do we want a guy who's just well-rounded or would Rod and Jason prefer a "lockdown" talent?

Bryan: Everybody wants lock down players in the secondary, but that just doesn't happen unless you draft them or pay huge money if they get to the market. There are several quality defensive backs in this draft so I'd just look in that direction myself. 

David:I think the answer to your question is probably a little bit of both. Rod Marinelli's philosophy tends to focus on limiting big plays and generating turnovers, and obviously you'll have more success with that the better your personnel is. I think the Cowboys value a bigger corner who has the versatility and athleticism to do multiple things. Finding that guy when you're picking 28th, 60th and 92nd is easier said than done, but this does appear to be a deep class.

Given that the draft is much deeper and talented at CB, S and DL, do you see us targeting a hole like WR in free agency so that we can focus on the other positions in the draft?

Bryan: Unless signing back Brice Butler is your idea of signing a free agent -- then they are likely just to draft players at all the positions that you've mentioned. 

David:We say all the time that they want to fill holes in free agency, and then improve those positions in the draft. I could conceivably see them re-signing Brice Butler if the price is right, but we also know they think highly of Andy Jones. Regardless, I think receiver is a position that's likely to get addressed in the draft.

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