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Mailbag: Focusing On The 49ers' Passing Game? Re-Signing The DBs?

Bryan had mentioned Carlos Hyde as player that Dallas must keep all eyes on this week. However, is there another guy you feel could hurt Dallas in the passing game? Torrey Smith comes to mind, but I'm more concerned with how they handle a guy like Vance McDonald, who can do a lot of things or Garrett Celek who make plays catching the ball too. Thoughts?

Bryan: Blaine Gabbert does like to throw the ball to his tight ends but both McDonald and Celek have been banged up which has slowed them down. Torey Smith can get down the field and has the potential to make plays. Gabbert has had a hard time getting the ball to his receivers early in the season. Carlos Hyde is the one that can make life difficult for the Dallas defense if not handled correctly.

David:I know Zach Miller gave Byron Jones fits last weekend, but I trust Jones to handle the likes of McDonald and Celek. As for the receivers, it's totally possible I'll have to eat my words, but they just do not scare me. Quinton Patton and Jeremy Kerley are the other two threats along with Smith, and I think the Dallas secondary is up to the task of limiting them. Part of the reason I like Dallas so much in this matchup is because I don't think San Francisco can throw the ball.

The CB/DB play has been better than last year.  Do the Cowboys think about re-signing one of their CB/DB's during the season, given their expiring contracts?

Bryan: I love off season talk in September. Sure they could re-sign Claiborne or Carr, but my bet is they draft one and pair him with Anthony Brown. If you want more offseason talk, my top three needs are DE, CB, WR.

David:I apologize for Bryan. He's a big, whiny baby. I honestly doubt the Cowboys will try to re-sign one of these guys right now, though. And even if they wanted to, why would they play ball? Claiborne is currently putting together a solid season, and it could get him paid handsomely this offseason. Same goes for Carr if he adds a few more picks to his resume. I don't see why they'd take a deal now – possibly limiting their earning potential on the open market. I would guess the Cowboys will sign a modestly-priced veteran corner in free agency next year, and then they'll draft one. It's entirely possible one of those guys stays with the team, but I doubt it happens right now.

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