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Mailbag: Forecast For David Irving? Potential Interest In Marshawn Lynch?

Why is no one mentioning David Irving? This kid jumps off the screen and shows real potential. As much as Gregory did his rookie year, anyways. He has all the paper attributes and potential as much as Bruckner or Bosa.

Bryan: I agree with you on Irving. He does have the potential to help in a couple of different spots. I like him getting more work at defensive end. I could see him being a guy could be an edge rusher off that right side. Looking forward to seeing the type of off season that he has in the weight room.

David:I think people might be forgetting him because he finished the season on injured reserve. He broke his wrist, so it's not a serious injury – but he didn't technically finish on the roster. Anyway, I absolutely love him as a piece of the rotation at both defensive tackle and defensive end. I trust Rod Marinelli to sort out which spot is best.


Word out is that Seattle is going to release Marshawn Lynch because of cap space. If you are the Dallas Cowboys and he becomes available, do you try to sign him?*

Bryan: I really don't. I think there are better options in the draft that you can use for four or five years then move on. I would look at Lamar Miller or Doug Martin if available but that's really it. My feeling is that Lynch is done.  

David:It always boils down to the same question with guys like that: how much is it going to cost? Lynch is about to turn 30, and he's got a boatload of miles on his odometer. Also, we're not even sure if he wants to keep playing football. None of that stuff inspires me that he's worth signing to a sizable deal. It sounds cheaper to just draft a young talent.


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