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Mailbag: Free Agency's Impact On The Draft? Evaluating The RB Class

Which free agent signing would most alter the way we would draft next month?

Bryan:If the front office was able to get, say, Colt McCoy done or another quarterback - that might take them in another direction at least with that fourth overall selection.   

David:I would have to guess defensive end. The Cowboys' needs on the defensive line are obvious, and they need to address the situation. If they can add to the position in free agency, it frees them up a little bit during the draft. If the defensive line hasn't been upgraded by the time the draft starts, I worry that they'll be forced to spend a premium pick on the pass rush.


The Cowboys passed on a RB in last year's draft because Todd Gurley was gone before they picked and it didn't fall the way they wanted for the other backs.  How does this year's class compare to last year's? Will they find a better back this year and maybe prove they were wise to stick to their board and not reach? 

Bryan: I think that they passed on a running back because of Randy Gregory being available not because of Todd Gurley. The running backs in this draft have similar traits as what we saw from the backs last year. There are three or four guys that would be really nice fits in regards to what they want to do scheme wise. Guys that never come off the field. I could see them grabbing a guy in the 2nd or 3rd round and they would be very happy for that opportunity

David:  My affinity for Ezekiel Elliott has been well documented, but there are some good value picks to be had later on in the draft. I'm a big fan of Notre Dame's C.J. Prosise and Arkansas' Alex Collins. Florida's Kelvin Taylor is another guy I think could be a good addition – and all of these guys should be available in the third round or later. All of that said, I don't think this class is as good as last year's. I'd take Tevin Coleman over just about anyone else in this class.

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