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Mailbag: Free Kick Before The Half? Pass Rush Help From Within Next Year?


I hate that we didn't get to see Charles Tapper hit the field this season. What is the possibility he will play next season? And would his availability fill the need of a DE or will Dallas still draft one or two more?

Nick: I think the Cowboys have a chance to get two more draft picks this year when you think about Tapper and Jaylon Smith. As long as Tapper can avoid any setbacks with the back, he should be able to return. I've seen him run sprints and he looks pretty fast. Let's see if he can rush the passer but I think he's expected to be a contributor next year.

Bryan: I still believe they draft and from what I've seen so far it looks like a nice group. I haven't heard one thing positive or negative about Tapper from a medical side. I did see him work out last week but that was the first time in a long time. Like Jaylon Smith we'll see what OTAs and minicamps bring.


I'm sure there has been questioning of why so many run plays on third and short. But has anyone asked why Coach Garrett didn't attempt a free kick to end the first half?

Nick: I really don't think this is a big deal at all. His kicker isn't making a 72-yard field goal without a tee. He doesn't make 75-yarders when on the kickoffs that have a tee. He's not going to make it. Bailey still has a back issue that he's been playing with. I just don't think they thought it was even worth attempting. Plus, you don't want kickers to miss kicks if they don't have to.

Bryan: I was told that Tony Corrente asked and he declined at the time so I believe it was something that he was prepared for but decided not to attempt. In my research the last time it was attempted in a Divisional Game was 1989 by Mike Cofer and it was no good.

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