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Mailbag: Future At The Guard Position? Decision To Sign Blake Jarwin?

Given that he has improved his play since he was given the starting job, do y'all see Jonathan Cooper as the future at the guard position, or do you expect the team to make a switch this offseason in free agency or the draft?

Bryan: I would think they'd want to keep him if they can continue on this path. He played well last week and that was a first for him. There is a side of me that also believes that they want to find something more consistent answer there. 

David: As usual with this type of question, I think the answer is going to depend on the price. If Cooper keeps playing well, and he can be brought back for a reasonable fee, I think that's a great idea. Of course, it's awfully tempting to just draft a guy who you can hopefully plug into the lineup.

Why did the team sign Blake Jarwin off the Practice Squad when they already have 3 tight ends on the 53-man roster?

Bryan: Because they didn't want to lose him to the Philadelphia Eagles. They feel like he's worth having around for the future. 

David:It sounds like Philadelphia was trying to sign him to their active roster. The Cowboys found and developed Jarwin as an undrafted free agent after the draft. They didn't want to lose him to another team, so they gave him an active roster spot. No, they probably wouldn't prefer to carry a fourth tight end right now, but you've got to do what you've got to do sometimes.

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