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Mailbag: Future Of The Backup QB Spot? Updating Injuries For Playoffs?

After seeing Mark Sanchez play in the game Sunday, do you believe he has a chance to be the backup next season? If we trade Tony Romo, do we go to the draft for another quarterback to develop as a backup or look to free agency? Is Kellen Moore any better than Sanchez?

Bryan:I believe that every option you asked about is in play. Sanchez has been getting snaps in practice, so that's not an excuse. He didn't make quick or correct decisions and by not doing so it hurt his offensive line. 

David:I tried to ask Stephen Jones about this on Sunday, and he understandably didn't want to talk about it with a playoff race about to start. It's pretty hard to predict right now. We obviously assume Tony Romo's future lies elsewhere, but we have no idea how that will play out. Sanchez had a bad day in Philly, but the team likes him. I think it's also fair to note that he was playing behind a sorely depleted offense. Kellen Moore is still heavily involved with the offense, and he'll probably be a consideration as long as Scott Linehan is around. And of course you could draft someone. Like I said, it's pretty hard to predict right now. I don't think one awful outing from Sanchez will kill his chances of staying on as a backup. But I also think the Cowboys would be crazy not to consider other options.

With so many players out this past game and the severity of injuries not really known, can the writers make a projection, on both sides of the ball, of who will be back and potentially who will miss when we return to real football?

Bryan:I feel like the majority of the players that sat out Sunday will likely to be back with the bye this week. The ones that I am not so sure about is DeMarcus Lawrence and Morris Claiborne. 

David:I know the injury report from last week was intimidating, but I don't think the Cowboys are in too bad of shape. The offense should be fine, as Tyron Smith and Ron Leary are expected back for the playoffs. I also think Terrell McClain, Cedric Thornton, Tyrone Crawford and Justin Durant should be good to go. If there's two guys that give me pause, it's probably DeMarcus Lawrence and Morris Claiborne. I'm also curious about Randy Gregory's appeal. I'm not optimistic he'll be available when game day rolls around.


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