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Mailbag: Future Of The WR Corps? Assessing The 2015 Draft Class?



With Bryant, Williams, Beasley, Brown and Switzer all still under contract for next year, how do you see the Cowboys being able to upgrade the WR position? Assuming they don't resign Butler, there still doesn't seem to be a lot of room to bring in new players. So, who is likely the odd man out

Bryan: They kept six receivers on the roster the entire season and I see no reason that they won't do the same this year. I will also say that it's no lock that Noah Brown and Ryan Switzer are on this team if they get to a point where the players they brought in are better. I really do like this Lance Lenoir that they brought up for the Eagles game. From my early look at that college players, there appears to be a pretty good group to choose from if they go that route.

David:Yeah, I do not see this as quite the same problem you do. It would be easy for the Cowboys to carry six wide receivers. On top of that, Brice Butler is an impending free agent, while Ryan Switzer and Noah Brown are Day 3 draft picks. None of those guys is difficult to move on from. And that does not even take into account whatever is about to happen with Dez Bryant – which, I have no idea. The bottom line is that I think you could add a quality draft pick to this group and improve it without having to change it too much.



Byron Jones has been average. Randy Gregory was a wasted pick. Chaz Green is so-so at best in those rare circumstances he's healthy enough to play. Wilson and Swaim are serviceable. As good as the 2016 draft was, is it time to label the 2015 draft a bust?

Bryan: I look at these guys differently, but if you're into the blame game I am not going to change your opinion. I don't think Byron Jones has been average. I can show you Seattle tape where Earl Thomas has been just as bad. They should have never drafted Gregory. Garrett tried to talk the owner out of it but he couldn't do it -- so that's on the front office. Gregory on draft day told Garrett he wouldn't have to worry about him. That was just his first lie. Chaz Green wasn't a bad player until they tried to play him at guard – which, I understand why they did it. But regardless they hurt his growth at tackle. Wilson and Swaim have both been starters and at times better than serviceable. With the exception of Gregory, this group at least lines up and plays where in the past that wasn't always the case.

David:I honestly had not taken the time to consider it, but it is a fair criticism. You hope to find starters in the first three rounds of the draft. Byron Jones has had good moments and bad moments, but I do not think I would pick up his fifth-year option this spring. Randy Gregory is a whiff. Chaz Green had promise, but it is hard to feel good about his future after this season. Damien Wilson and Geoff Swaim have been solid finds, for Day 3 players. But you need to hit on your starter-caliber draft picks, and it is fair to say that has not happened for the 2015 class.

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