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Mailbag: Future Plans At WR? Possibility Of Defensive Improvement?


If Terrance Williams doesn't get a new contract with Dallas, which I think is likely, and no receiver has been drafted the last two years, there is nobody on the roster to fill those No. 2 shoes. What's the plan?*

Bryan: I actually think the answer is pretty simple – draft. With the way that the college football game is going with everyone throwing the ball, there are talented receivers to be selected. We saw that just a couple of months ago. A couple of teams in this division got better doing just that.

David: Considering that both Williams and Brice Butler are headed for free agency, it is a bit concerning that the Cowboys haven't addressed the receiver spot. Then again, that is a dilemma that is very easily answered in the draft. Williams earned a prominent role as a rookie, and we've seen rookie receivers light up the league for several years now. If they opt not to retain Williams, I'd guess they'll draft his replacement with one of their first three picks of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Maybe I'm the only one who saw a pretty good defense, especially with almost all the games within reach with no offense to capitalize. With the offense "relieving the pressure on the defense", is it realistic for me to think that by mid-season this defense could be Top 7-ish?

Bryan: If this defense would have had some help from the offense – they would have won more games. But if they are going to be in the Top 7 as you ask, they are going to have to provide more turnovers. You can talk about sacks and pressures all you want but if you are not turning teams over, you are a middle to bottom of the pack defense which they were.

David: I think you raise a fair point that the Dallas defense was better than it got credit for. The Cowboys were middle-of-the-pack in scoring defense, allowing just 23 points per game. They were good against the pass and mediocre against the run. They held seven opponents to fewer than 20 points – but the Cowboys only went 3-4 in those games. Conversely, the Dallas offense scored 20 points or fewer in an absurd 11 games, posting a 2-9 record in the process. So yes, I do think this defense is talented enough to improve with a bit more help from the offense. At the same time, the lack of experience on the defensive line makes me doubtful they'll reach that Top 7 status you mentioned. I expect this group to be about average.


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