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Mailbag: Gaining Compensatory Picks? Trading Up In The Draft?

I know that no one knows for sure what the NFL's formula is for figuring out compensatory picks. Can you at least hazard a guess as to how many the Cowboys might have this year based on who they gained and lost? Any chance of seeing any in round 4 or higher?

Bryan: I don't see them getting any. Where they're likely to clean up in is 2018 when they have several players sign with teams for the 2017. 

David:You're probably going to be disappointed this year, given that the Cowboys didn't really lose anyone of consequence last year. Next spring will probably be a different story. If some of these starter-caliber free agents, like Ron Leary, Terrance Williams and Brandon Carr, leave the team, then you should see them add a handful of compensatory picks for 2018.

The Cowboys have Charles Tapper and Jaylon Smith with redshirt seasons (assuming they're on track to be fully healthy by camp).  Does this allow them to move up in the draft to get a player that won't fall to them at 28?  If so, who would you spend the extra picks on to go get?

Bryan: Right now they don't have a fifth-round selection so unless they add a one or two I don't see them moving up at all. I see them standing in there and picking their board. 

David:If Jaylon and Tapper are healthy they will only help this team in 2017. But I'm not sure I see them trading away what precious few picks they have unless something crazy happens. This appears to be a deep draft, and they should be able to find a solid player at 28.

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