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Mailbag: Gaining More Compensatory Picks? How To Address Safety?

I see we are losing a lot of players in free agency. Being that many of them were starters, wouldn't that help us out next year with compensatory picks?

Bryan: It will help. Hopefully the 2018 NFL Draft is as deep as this one. Could get a 4th, 6th and a couple of 7th. 

David:The maximum number of compensatory picks a team can receive is four, and the Cowboys have lost five starters to free agency – Ron Leary, Terrell McClain, Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne and Barry Church. Their number of compensatory pick will be offset by any high-caliber free agents they sign. For instance, Nolan Carroll will probably count against them. But even with Carroll in the fold, the Cowboys are currently in line for three – if not all four – compensatory picks. That could be a big help next year.

With the loss of both Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox, do you see the Cowboys going with Kavon Frazier and Jeff Heath to fill those spot and a possible draft pick? In which round do you see the Cowboys addressing this position and which players do you see them targeting?

Bryan: Heath will get the first shot at the job but I could also see them continuing their rotation. Look for them to draft a safety in this draft to compete as well. 

David:I'd expect Heath to be the favorite to start, and I'm honestly fine with that. He has improved every year he's been here and has led the team in interceptions two years running. That said, there are only three safeties left over from last year's roster. I think it'd be a mistake if they don't draft someone – or at least sign a veteran free agent. But the draft would be a great way to bolster that position.

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