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Mailbag: Game Plan At Backup QB? Expectations For Damontre Moore?

I'm sure you've gotten a couple hundred of these but here is another one. Is Kellen Moore really the back-up option at this point? I've read conflicting reports from "experts" on whether he is the No. 2 or not.

Bryan: He was going to be the backup in 2016 before he got hurt, so I don't see any reason why he won't in 2017. Could see them drafting a quarterback again or signing one after the draft. 

David:I've said a few times that I think it'd be smart to use a late-round pick on a quarterback, but I do expect Moore to be the backup for 2017. Scott Linehan loves him and thinks he can win with him. Whether or not we agree with that assessment doesn't really matter. If there's one thing we've learned about this coaching staff, it's that they have a lot of loyalty to "their" guys.

Granted Damontre Moore has a lot of talent, but what makes the Cowboys think this latest stop on his NFL tour would or could be different than the previous four or five stops? Is the team that desperate?

Bryan: There is no pressure on the Cowboys here, but if you had a chance to sit down and watch his work in Seattle with me -- you'd see the player in a different light. I totally get why they made the move they did. 

David:I don't see it as a desperation move, because they didn't have to pay Moore a lot of money. This is exactly the type of signing the Cowboys have perfected these last four years. They bought low on a talented player in the hopes that their coaching staff can coax some production out of him. If it doesn't work, it's not going to bite them. If it does work, then they found some pass rush for a low price. The obvious problem is that Damontre Moore likely isn't a long-term fix for the pass rush – but they'll be hoping he can complement the young talent their developing, not to mention any additions they make in the draft.

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