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Mailbag: Garrett's Improvement As Coach? Scandrick's Recovery?

So much emphasis is placed on whether certain players are improving or have improved.  How would you rate Coach Garrett's improvement as a head coach during his tenure?  What can he improve on?

Bryan:This is no secret if you follow us here on but I have had my good moments with Garrett (Cincinnati game 2013) and bad moments (not having a backup quarterback win a game in 2015). I will once again go on record to say this is an important year for Jason Garrett regardless of the contract extension he signed after the 2014 season. The front office feels that the roster is better so that puts pressure on Garrett. With the move to the new complex, there will be even more pressure to perform. Garrett is going on his 6th year as the head coach so the learning on the job period is over. This team needs to be more consistent on the winning side and not so up and down on his watch.

David:Great question, and it's harder to answer because there aren't as many stats to help you quantify. My biggest criticism of Garrett has always been that he's far too conservative in his game day decision-making – and I think that's just part of his DNA as a football player and coach. But it's something I always have my eye on during games. I think he was better about being bold, so to speak, during the 2014 and 2015 seasons, as opposed to his early years – experience and comfort level on the job have probably helped with that. But there's always room for improvement, as he'd say himself.


How is Orlando Scandrick looking after a whole season off? So much it our defense depends on him.*

Bryan:Scandrick has yet to take part in any full practices and by all indications he won't in this minicamp, either. In visiting with some folks, the recovery has been good, which leads to all signs of him once again returning to his high level of play before the injury. The time off and the rehab work has helped him.

David:Seeing Scandrick doing limited participation out at OTAs just reminds me of last summer, when he began working on his rehab within weeks of suffering his injury in the first place. We're not going to see him do anything competitive until August, at the earliest. But I think the Cowboys feel good about where his health is and how much they can count on him going into 2016.


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