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Mailbag: Getting Creative In Free Agency? David Irving's Tender?

It paid off for Philly to sign a few 'prove-it' one year deals during free agency. Is this something you could see the Cowboys doing and if so, who would you like to see them sign? Terelle Pryor seems enticing.

Bryan:Those one-year deals do prove to be nice when you identify the right players. It has been a struggle for them to find those guys. I asked Stephen Jones about that the other day and he said there is no question that they needed to improve in that area quickly. 

David:I wrote a column about this last month. I'd love to see the Cowboys get a little more aggressive in this regard, but it's a bit hard to predict until we see which direction they're going to go. Signing Terrelle Pryor doesn't make sense if Dez Bryant is on this team. But I'd love for this front office to think outside the box during this free agency period.

I keep reading that David Irving most likely will receive a first or second-round tender offer from the Cowboys.  My question would be what would be the reasoning of offering one over the other?  Does a first-round tender offer cost more against the salary cap?

Bryan:It does cost more and with all the other financial commitments they have to make the 2nd round tender is the most logical avenue. 


David:If the Cowboys don't give Irving a first-round tender, it's because they're interested in shopping him around. Forfeiting a second-round pick likely isn't enough to scare other NFL clubs from trying to sign Irving – and the Cowboys might prefer to have a second-round pick than try to figure out how to hold on to him long-term. If they offer him a second-round tender, it'll be interesting to see what happens afterward.

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