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Mailbag: Getting Ryan Davis Ready? Byron Jones' Performance So Far?

Given our depleted status along the defensive line, do you see Ryan Davis getting some playing time against the Redskins? And if so, do you believe he can make an impact in Marinelli's scheme?

Bryan: I don't see Ryan Davis playing this week. In future weeks I do believe he will get an opportunity but he's not ready now. I have to say I like what they've done with Davis and Zach Moore on the practice squad. In my view, they've added two players that have rush ability.

David:If the Cowboys were depleted by injuries, I might expect to see Davis this weekend. But Jack Crawford looks like he'll be able to play, so I think they'll go forward with the same group as last week. I am intrigued by his ability, though. Once he gets up to speed I think he'll be a solid member of the rotation.

I'm curious on how you guys think Byron Jones graded out against the Giants. And also how do you think he will do against Washington?

Bryan: Byron Jones didn't have the crushing hit like J.J. Wilcox but he was where he needed to be in coverage. Against the Redskins, Jones will play a much bigger role in having to play
in coverage on Jordan Reed, and, as we have seen in the past, that's where he excelled.

David:I thought Byron looked good last week. Unfortunately for him, he's going to be judged purely on the number of takeaways he provides, and he hasn't gotten one yet. It's going to be hard for him to get picks working against a big body like Jordan Reed, but this will be a good opportunity for him to remind everyone how good he is at taking away tight ends.

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