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Mailbag: Getting The Salary Cap In Order? Future For Sanchez & Moore?

With the Cowboys needing to upgrade their pass rush this offseason, what is the current cap situation for the Cowboys? Are there any contracts they can look to restructure in order to free up some cap space to pursue players in free agency?

Bryan: You can go to Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick and Dez Bryant if you need room. We have to wait and see what happens with the Tony Romo situation as well. I just don't see them making a big splash in free agency. This group believes in drafting and developing.

David:The Cowboys' cap situation always looks dire at this time of year, but they can fix it with a few contract re-structures. They can also save themselves some money by figuring out the Tony Romo situation – one way or the other. I'm confident they're going to have enough money to pursue their usual strategy. That is to say, they'll re-sign a few of their priority free agents and potentially add a couple of moderately-priced new guys.

Do you think the Cowboys will keep Kellen Moore as the backup quarterback? I don't believe Romo will be back and Sanchez is not the answer.

Bryan: On our show, Cowboys Break, I said that I would bring Moore back and let Sanchez walk. Moore gets along with Dak Prescott well and is more than capable playing in this scheme. Can be more productive than Sanchez.

David:I'm not going to try to convince you that Mark Sanchez is a great quarterback, but I have seen with my own eyes how well he fits into the Cowboys' locker room. He gets along great with Dak Prescott and he's an experienced starter. I'd bring him back on a cheap deal, and I'd add another young guy around draft time.

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