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Mailbag: Going For Two More Often? Zeke's Workload As A Rookie?


With Zeke "The Freak" and this outstanding offensive line, do you see the Cowboys going for two more often, even though Dan Bailey is pretty much guaranteed?*

Bryan:No. That's really not Jason Garrett's style. Whether you like it or not – he's a by the book coach and that will not change.

David:That's an interesting point, and I think you'll start to see some of that around the NFL. The more time teams have to research and weigh the risks, I think it'll ultimately lead to some outside-the-box thinking. That said, I think that goes against every fiber of Jason Garrett's DNA. I'd be surprised if that was a decision he was willing to make on a regular basis.

Now with McFadden out for some time, the tailback position is between Morris and Elliott? Say Elliott gets first string. Should we be concerned about his workload in his rookie season?

Bryan:You drafted him to play. If you have to hand him the ball a thousand times to win games – do it. The way that this league is set up you have these players for four to five years unless it is a quarterback. Use them up then go draft another one.

David:For starters, I don't think it's even a question that Elliott will be first string, and I'd say that even if McFadden was 100 percent healthy. To your second point, I don't think "concerned" is the word I'd use, but it's definitely something I'd be mindful of. DeMarco Murray got 83 percent of the carries for this team in 2014, and he finished with more than 400 total touches. That's a tad much for anyone, let alone a rookie. Fortunately, the Cowboys have vastly superior depth at the position this year. I think Zeke will finish with roughly 280-300 carries, which would put him right around 18-20 per game. That should leave plenty of carries for Morris and McFadden to get involved.


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