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Mailbag: Going Heavy At Some Positions? Carrying Five Running Backs?

There's no doubt the coaches will ultimately go heavy at a position when finalizing the 53-man roster. What position do you think that will be: defensive line, running back, linebacker, wide receiver or somewhere else?

Bryan: I believe if they're going to go long at a position, it will be at linebacker. With the history of health concerns and the upcoming suspension of Rolando McClain, they're going to have to protect themselves here. The group on paper looks good, but it's really nothing until they start playing.

David: My guess right now would be tight end. I think Geoff Swaim has been impressive, and I also don't think they'd cut the other three – so you make room for all four. Another candidate for heavier numbers would probably be linebacker, given the injury history at that position.


With the top three running backs already suffering injuries, do you see this as the year Dallas carries four running backs as well as a fullback?

Bryan: No, I really don't think -- as far as running back numbers go. But if you tell me there's no fullback, that's a different story. Gus Johnson is a really nice story, but in reality, I'm not really sure we'll see him have the type of run through the preseason like you had with Ryan Williams. After the second preseason game, you'll have a much clearer understanding of how this position will shake out.

David: Not really. Firstly, the start of the season is still more than a month away, so none of these injuries are particularly concerning to me – yet. But moreso than that, I'm not sure how you justify having five running backs. If the Cowboys ultimately decided to carry four running backs, I think they'd just forego the fullback – much like in 2013, when they started the season with DeMarco Murray, Joe Randle, Lance Dunbar, Phillip Tanner and no fullback.

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