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Mailbag: Good Defense Or Bad Offense? Most Exciting Rookie Vs. Rams?

Just from reading this site, it seems I'm hearing a lot about how well an undermanned defense is playing. Is this actually the defense playing above expectations or a lack of execution for the offense?

David:This is a pretty normal question to ask at the start of camp, and it's probably a little bit both. There's no denying the offense has looked sloppy at times -- which is understandable, given the time off. But it'd be unfair to the defense to take all that credit away from them. The secondary is playing well. The defensive line hasn't always looked great, but props to them for continually coming to work with depleted numbers. It's been an encouraging start for them, though I do expect the offense to pick it up.

Rob:Probably a little of both. It's impressive when you consider the injuries the defensive has dealt with so far. The defensive backs have stepped up and challenged receivers in practice. Usually early in camp the offense is a little behind the defense in execution, but Tony Romo and the first-team offense have had their moments, too.


It seems like all of our rookies except Elliott will get a chance to play almost the entire game this Saturday. Which rookie are you most looking forward to seeing perform in a game situation?

David:Zeke isn't going to play, and you can be sure they're not going to ask too much of Alfred Morris in the preseason opener. With that in mind, I'm looking at this as a big-time audition for both Darius Jackson and Rod Smith. I think the coaching staff is going to run them ragged on Saturday night, and they'll have every opportunity to make an impact and show why they should make this roster.

Rob: Well, Dak Prescott is obvious. I was very impressed with how he ran the offense Tuesday, particularly in two-minute, and some of the throws he made against zone coverage. Defensively I want to see if Anthony Brown can carry over these solid practices to the game. He has been a ball-hawking cornerback the first half of camp and has really accepted the challenge of working from the slot, something he didn't do in college.

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