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Mailbag: Good Start For Byron Jones? Tyrone Crawford Playing At End?

It is hard to tell watching TV coverage versus seeing tape, but is Byron Jones having any impact at safety? I didn't see him anywhere except his backside running after the receivers or getting late to the scrum.

Bryan: You didn't see him carry Jordan Reed all over the field? His tackle of Josh Doctson saved a potential touchdown. His impact is not making mistakes and not being a liability in coverage. Jones has been fine. 

David:This is going to be a problem for Byron – from the fans moreso than the opposition or the coaching staff. Byron seemed to have a good day in coverage, and his instincts are awesome. But by moving him to safety, the Cowboys have upped the expectation for Jones to break up passes and get game-changing interceptions. Those haven't come yet, but it's been two weeks. He's been solid so far.

Tyrone Crawford's move to the outside allowed him to get a sack and put pressure on Kirk Cousins, can we expect more of that?

Bryan: I believe you will see more of that, especially in the next two weeks with DeMarcus Lawrence out of the lineup. It was a great move by the defensive staff to get their best rushers on the field. 

David:I know Crawford got a sack in the dime formation, but I think I'd rather see him continue to work at three-technique than kick outside. The outside pass rush on this roster isn't great – we've known that since May. The interior of the line can be a real strength, and a good interior pass rush goes a long way in disrupting a quarterback. You can argue that moving Crawford helps Maliek Collins get on the field, but that's what a rotation is for.

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