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Mailbag: Grading Devin Street's Rookie Season; What Happened To Selvie?

What is the end of the regular season feeling about Devin Street? I watch every game and don't remember him catching a ball this season. Dropped a few and had some offensive pass interference though. Given the talent ahead of him in the lineup is he on track or not working out as expected?

Nick: You've got a Pro Bowl receiver who lived up to expectations. You've got Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley who took turns stepping up throughout the year but didn't exactly have huge catch numbers. And Jason Witten missed the Pro Bowl because his catches are down. So no, a rookie fifth-round pick isn't going to show up much. But, he plays much more than I think he should. Street is apparently a good blocker so that's a good start. I have a feeling he will get a catch or three Sunday. 

David: Street's impact has been negligible, to say the least. But keep in mind, the guy was a fifth-round pick at a position that already had some established depth. He was never going to unseat Dez Bryant or Terrance Williams, and Cole Beasley is obviously having a career year. Both Beasley and Dwayne Harris are about to become free agents, though. So Street could be presented with an opportunity depending on what the Cowboys do with those contracts this spring. It's not uncommon for a rookie receiver to take some time adjusting – especially one taken toward the back end of the draft.


Seems to me George Selvie took a step backward from last year. How would you grade him?

Nick:Yeah, you knew he would. Grade-wise, he would be in C range. He benefitted from playing opposite DeMarcus Ware last year and this year that stud rusher wasn't there to scare anyone. He was serviceable but not spectacular. Expectations can be a funny thing. He probably had the same year without the sacks but we view him differently. 

David:Given that his production this year dropped from seven sacks to two – yeah, I think it's fair to say. Of course, given Selvie's career, it's hard to say he took a step backward. He might simply have been playing out of his mind in 2013. Either way, I think Anthony Spencer has undoubtedly come on strong to be the better option at left end over the last five or six weeks. I feel fine about Selvie being part of the rotation, but I don't think he's a guy you want starting for this defense going forward.

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