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Mailbag: Grading The 2014 Draft Picks? Predictions For Brandon Carr?

As we look back on this past season, how would you grade the Cowboys last draft now? Clearly the team hit it big with Martin and Hitchens, and the upside looks bright for Lawrence. Can we expect more from Street, Gardner, and Bishop next season?

Bryan:The one that I am interested in seeing from year one to two is Devin Street. I had a really good visit with Derek Dooley after the season on Street and he felt that if they had fed Street the ball the way they had for Terrance Williams in his rookie season, that he would have been just as productive. Dooley was excited that Street was able to dress for all those games this past season and gained that experience to help him with his growth.

David:Call it a cop out if you want, but there's no way we can adequately grade the most recent draft at this point. Martin and Hitchens look like quality picks, but it's far too early to say for anyone else. Lawrence's performance in the playoffs might have been a sign of things to come, but it could have just as easily been a misnomer. We'll have to wait and see. I will say that I was excited to see what Gardner was capable of when he was drafted. Hopefully with nearly a year to work on his injured arm, he can give a good showing of himself in the spring and summer.


Do you think it's more likely that Brandon Carr takes a pay cut or gets cut? If he gets cut, what's the most realistic option to replace a starting cornerback spot?

Bryan: I believe that Carr does get his salary reduced and he does accept it because there is nowhere on the open market that a team will pay him the money that the Cowboys are going to offer him. The deal should be similar to how they handled Doug Free.  

David:Unfortunately for the Cowboys, even if they cut Carr, it doesn't guarantee them any extra money to sign a new cornerback. Cutting him now would create $12 million in dead money, and even if they designate him a post-June 1 cut, he's still going to hit the salary cap for about $4 million. I think Carr has incentive to play ball for the reasons that Bryan mentioned, and he'll take the pay cut to stay in a favorable situation.

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