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Mailbag: Grading The QBs Other Than Wentz? Best Player Available?

Everyone is excited to see how Carson Wentz performs at the Senior Bowl practices, but what about the other QBs on that roster? What are you seeing from guys like Kevin Hogan and Cody Kessler? Any of these Senior Bowl QBs, not named Wentz, you think the Cowboys might covet?

Bryan: They are looking at all of these quarterbacks and for the most part it has been a struggle. In my opinion Jeff Driskel has been the best of the guys not named Wentz. I wouldn't be surprised if Hogan is a gamer and will be better on Saturday for the game.

David:I've got to echo Bryan and say that Driskel has impressed the most of the "other" quarterbacks. He's got a surprisingly strong arm and a calmness about him. I'm still intrigued by Jacoby Brissett, though. He hasn't been outstanding this week, but his size, arm and athleticism all combine to make him an interesting prospect.

We always hear that the Cowboys should select the highest ranked player on their board regardless of position. My question is: Do the Cowboys factor in the position when they rank their board? A defensive lineman might be ranked higher than a running back even if the running back is slightly more talented with a little more upside?

Bryan: The way they set their board is not on need but on the best player. They have what is called the stack -- where they have it lined up from player 1 to 150 in order of how they would select them. By doing it this way, there is no question in who they like better and that eliminates any potential problems.

David:I trust Bryant on this, but it does make me wonder. For instance, let's say Ezekiel Elliott is their best-rated player when the Cowboys pick at No. 4, would they take him? Or do they simply not value running back that highly? Same goes for Austin Johnson. He's a fantastic defensive tackle, but would the No. 34 pick be too high for his position? You should obviously take the best player available, but I wonder if analytics and economics play a role in that decision-making process.


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