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Mailbag: Gregory & Lawrence's Impact? Romo's Practice Schedule?

If we can survive the first four games defensively, what kind of boost do you expect from Gregory and Lawrence when they return Week 5? Are they 10 sack guys? Do you see them as the long-term bookends assuming they can stay clean?

Bryan: I think the loss of Lawrence will be bigger than what you could potentially get from Gregory. Lawrence on that left side is an every down player and I could see this coaching staff struggling to replace not only his ability to rush the passer but playing the run as well. I can't say the same about Gregory. They might find that Benson Mayowa and Charles Tapper are better options going forward and even when Gregory gets back it will be a struggle for him to find playing time.   

David:Gregory obviously has a lot to prove on the field, given that he didn't register a sack as a rookie. That said, I can't help but think back to his rookie preseason, when he notched three sacks in three games and was a disruptive force. DeMarcus Lawrence is definitely the more complete player right now, but Gregory's potential gives this defense a chance to take a step to another level – assuming he stays out of trouble. The sad truth of the matter is that we just don't know if that'll happen.

Do you think the coaches will sit Romo on practice Wednesdays like they did in previous years?  I like the idea of not just letting him rest but allowing the other QB's to build confidence with the starting offense.

Bryan:That worked well with Brandon Weeden. I do see your point and understand what you are saying. Quarterback snaps during practice, especially the backup ones are few and far between – so whether its Kellen Moore or one of the young guys, you are right it surely doesn't hurt the other them get to run the practice with the first offense especially given Romo's health issues.

David:Good luck getting Jason Garrett to confirm Romo's practice schedule two months before the Cowboys arrive at training camp. But if I had to guess, I'd say that I do think Romo will operate on a similar schedule to previous years. It keeps him rested, and it allows the Cowboys to see what they have in their quarterback depth. I'd consider it a net positive.


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