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Mailbag: Guessing At The Tight End Production? Taco's Development?



*Of the TEs on the roster, who do you see leading in catches, yards and TDs? And what do those numbers look like?*

Bryan: Geoff Swaim. 48 receptions. 543 yards. 3 touchdowns. 

David:My guess is that you're going to see the workload split between two or three guys, rather than one player accounting for everything. I lean toward thinking that Geoff Swaim will be the starter, and my guess is that he catches something like 36 passes for 330 yards and three touchdowns.



How has Taco looked in OTAs after a full year in an NFL strength and conditioning program? What do you think we can expect from him this season in terms of growth and production?

Bryan: We've seen him for one practice and he moved around well. The played him at left end the majority of the snaps with the first unit. Physically looks good but can't say that he's put on a ton of weight. Always going to be about his technique. 

David:Add Taco to the list of guys we talk about who have been in and around the facility throughout the offseason. He's been dedicated. As for expectations, I'm starting with snaps. Last year he played just 37 percent of the defensive snaps. Hopefully this year he can bump that north of 50 percent. If he's good enough to do that, hopefully the sacks will follow.

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