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Mailbag: Hardy At Defensive Tackle? Bigger Season For Patmon Or Terrance Williams?

It looked as though Greg Hardy played some defensive tackle against the Vikings (three technique, I think). Is this a position we could see more of him at? And, if so, where does that put Tyrone Crawford?

Bryan: Hardy has been playing the three technique in nickel situations with Tyrone Crawford on the other side. Hardy did this at Carolina and as we have seen will continue to do it with this defense. On the pressure and sacks that Randy Gregory has had this year – it has been the work of Hardy inside that has allowed that to happen.

Rob: Crawford is the three technique in the base defense. Hardy's a defensive end who can pretty much play anywhere across the line, and we've seen him at defensive tackle primarily when they go nickel with a pretty formidable group that can include Crawford, DeMarcus Lawrence and Jeremy Mincey. When he's eligible to play in the regular season – Week 5 against the Patriots – you'll see Hardy at right end but other spots, too.

Who needs to have the bigger 2015 season: Terrance Williams (taking advantage of single coverage with Dez demanding double teams) or Tyler Patmon (replacing Orlando Scandrick as the primary slot corner)?

Bryan:This defense needs for Patmon to play well. The addition along the defensive line will help him in coverage but that's still one of the toughest jobs on the squad because you really are on an island. Patmon has the talent and skill to handle the job much like Scandrick did but there going to be some days where he might struggle due to the opponent he has to deal with that day.

Rob:Williams. Scandrick's slot role is certainly important, but the Cowboys expect an improved pass rush to help out all their corners. If Williams can take another step in his development – maybe become a 50-catch guy – that helps Dez, the running game, and especially Cole Beasley and Jason Witten working the middle of the field.

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