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Mailbag: How Big Of A Need Is CB? Players Earning Bigger Roles?

It is said that a good pass rush helps out a mediocre defensive backfield.  Since we were not able to get much of a pass rush this year, do you think Dallas should spend the money to obtain a shutdown corner either through free agency or the draft?

Bryan: With the way that the rules are today – finding a guy that can be a shutdown corner is nearly impossible. I haven't seen the list of who might be available in free agency so I don't know that route – yet. I have just started my draft preparation and the kid from Florida doesn't look like a bad option so we will see. I do agree that you will need a corner at some point this off season.

David:As always, it's impossible to predict the offseason when you don't know how the free agency market will play out. But we know Morris Claiborne's contract is expiring, and we know Brandon Carr will be entering the final year of his deal. I think cornerback is one of this team's three biggest needs. If there's an elite talent available to take in the first round, it'd be worth their while.


Who are the players you see improving the most this year?  What players do you see playing much bigger roles next year?

Bryan: Lucky Whitehead has improved. Keep an eye on David Irving as well. Those two have stood out to me the most of the young guys.

David:It's hard to say he's improving because he's already a Pro Bowler, but Travis Frederick really seems to be maturing into one of the absolute best centers in football. Another great answer to the question would obviously be Byron Jones. He has improved seemingly every week, and the expectations for him will be sky-high in Year 2.

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