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Mailbag: How Could Hurns Fit Into The Offense? Does Tapper Impact DE Needs?



Rumor has it that Allen Hurns will be visiting Dallas this week. How would he fit in this Dallas offense? Is he a burner that could open the field up for Dez, or is he a slot possession type receiver?

Bryan: I think the swap would be player for player but I wouldn't make that move myself. Hurns is similar in the way he catches the ball and as a route runner, but I just don't see a huge upgrade there. He's not quick and he doesn't separate all that well.

Rob: Correct, Hurns will be in for a free agent visit. has some similarities to Bryant in terms of frame and catch radius. He's a 6-3 wideout who isn't generally considered a burner, but he's a tough player and a red zone threat. Had 10 touchdowns in 2015. Injuries have held him back some the last two years.



How do the Cowboys feel about Charles Tapper going forward and does it affect where defensive end lies in their draft priorities, given all our other needs?

Bryan: All I know is that Tapper has been working out in the captain's program. If giving the opportunity to add a defensive end, I don't think he keeps them from doing that.

Rob: You're right, Stu – Tapper gets lost in the conversation because he hasn't been healthy for much of his first two years on the team. The Cowboys like his first step and his ability to bend around the edge. For him in training camp, it was about staying balanced and finishing plays.

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