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Mailbag: How Do You Bring The Suspended Players Back To The Roster?

Hello, who do you think they will cut to make room once Damontre' Moore and David Irving return? I know they need to balance their current needs versus the future, but I'm concerned they might cut someone like Noah Brown.

Bryan: It's an impossible question to answer, because you're assuming that the team will be completely healthy the first month of the season. Things tend to take care of themselves when you're waiting for these players to return. In regard to Noah Brown, there is no question that he's on the 53 now in order to keep him around for 2018. He will be inactive each week unless there is an injury to the receivers, but if they decide they need his spot, I don't think they'd be afraid to let him go.   

David:Injuries are always going to play a role in that, and those are hard to predict. But I think they've given themselves a little bit of wiggle room at the back end of the defensive line. Assuming they bring back Kellen Moore at some point, they could also buy a spot there. Ideally, I think they'd like to protect a promising draft pick like Noah Brown. But as we saw just last year with Darius Jackson, they aren't afraid to make a move like that if they think it's in the best interest of the team.

Is there any talk of the Cowboys having an interest in Alex Boone?

Bryan: I don't believe so. Jonathan Cooper will start at left guard with Joe Looney backing him up.

David:If the injury to Chaz Green was a serious one, I'd have to consider it. But it doesn't seem like Green is going to miss a ton of time, so I think they feel good about their eight offensive linemen for the time being.

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