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Mailbag: How Does DUI Affect Prescott's Draft Stock? Interest In Eric Weddle?

With Dak Prescott getting arrested, will his draft stock fall? Now what round do you think he will be drafted in and do you think the Cowboys will still be interested in drafting him?

Bryan: I don't think that his stock will fall. He made a mistake and I am sure he feels badly about it. Teams will need to figure out if they haven't already done so is that if he has a drinking problem? If they do come to that conclusion that he does, then you will see his draft stock take a hit.

David:I think his stock will fall a little bit, but I don't think he'll tumble the way some might expect him to. The big key for NFL teams now is doing their due diligence to make sure this is a one-time mistake and not a recurring problem. Ultimately, I think the Cowboys will still have interest – but maybe a round or two later than before.


Have the Cowboys discussed bringing in Eric Weddle or are they even interested? I believe he would be a great acquisition and leader for this team. With the 2-3 year window with Romo, I think you could sign Weddle to help get you to the top.

Bryan: I respectfully disagree, if all it took was to sign Eric Weddle to get you to the top they would have signed him out of the gate. Weddle is not the player that you think he is. I do agree that something needs to be done at safety and the front office is likely to address it a couple of different ways. Byron Jones will likely be the starter full time with Barry Church opposite him or look to find a replacement for him and JJ Wilcox through the draft.

David:I think there's some legitimate interest. But if the Cowboys have taught us one thing over the past week, it's that they aren't going to blow a lot of money on free agents. If Weddle's willing to sign here for a modest amount of money, I think he could teach a guy like Byron Jones about the safety position.

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