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Mailbag: How Does Scandrick's Injury Affect The 53? Gus Johnson's Chances?

With Scandrick out for the season, that is going to free up a spot on the final roster. Any idea where they might use it now? Will they keep the same number of CBs and keep someone that was going to be cut? Or do you think someone will make the team in another position?

David:My first thought was that this should bolster Danny McCray's chances of making the final roster. On top of that, I'd have to think this gives an opportunity to guys like Geoff Swaim and A.J. Jenkins. The defensive line is a deep unit, and I'm sure the coaches would like to keep as many of those guys as possible.

Rob:The Cowboys will tell you they keep the best 53. If that doesn't include an extra corner who can help on special teams, I don't think it will happen. There are plenty of positions they can go heavy elsewhere – defensive line comes to mind because there's a lot of competition. Just remember, 1,500 players in 31 other cities are going to get cut by Sept. 5. All teams including the Cowboys should have their eyes on the waiver wire then.


Do you think Gus Johnson will make the roster cuts?

David:No, I do not. Barring injury, I think the Cowboys' running back corps is set in stone, and if they do add to the group, it'd more likely be from outside the roster. That said, I think Johnson has had a strong showing in camp, and there's every reason to believe he can earn a practice squad spot – assuming he isn't signed to someone else's 53.

Rob:Johnson was fortunate the shoulder injury he suffered in the preseason opener wasn't more serious and he was able to return relatively quickly. But the practice squad seems a more likely destination for Johnson if he can continue to show progress.

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