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Mailbag: How Does The Schedule Affect Romo?; Interest In Peterson?

How do the Cowboys plan to handle Tony Romo with the Giants on Sunday night and Philly on Thursday afternoon. How will Romo's back hold up with the short week?

Bryan: I passed by the weight room on Wednesday before heading to the practice field and there was a sweaty Romo working on the machine that is designed to strengthen your lower back. I believe the week off came at the absolute perfect time for him. It has given him much needed rest, but it has also allowed him a few extra days to work on it like he was in the weight room. Romo even said on Wednesday that he is more concerned about the Giants than he is his back, so I would take that as a great sign going forward.

David:If I had to guess, I'd say Romo' back is going to be sore and troublesome for the rest of the season. At this point, though, I don't think it's something that's going to hinder his ability to play well in games -- provided he doesn't sustain any new injuries. My expectation is that Romo will play Sunday, then go through his treatment routine and do team walkthroughs. I doubt he'll go through a full practice ahead of the Philly game. It's not ideal, but he's a veteran. He can handle it.

If Adrian Peterson is cut by Minnesota, what are the prospects of him landing in Dallas? If so, does that mean DeMarco Murray won't be a Cowboy in 2015?

Bryan: It is the job of this general manager to add talent to this roster each and every year, whether it is Peterson or Murray. If he sits down with his scouts and the evaluation is that Peterson is better and the contract works for his cap than that is a move he will make. If the scouts tell him that Murray is better, and, again, the money works, I would expect him to make that call. It is still a big "if" that Peterson is released, but I promise those discussions will happen if that in fact is the case.

David:There are a lot of if's in that question, which makes it pretty hard to answer. Personally, I think if Adrian Peterson is a free agent at any point this offseason, the Cowboys will absolutely take a look at him. I'm just not sure it makes sense, though. The Vikings are currently paying Peterson nearly $12 million a season. Now, his age and his legal troubles might drop that price a bit, but I still doubt he'll be cheap. He turns 30 before next season starts. He's a great player, but I'm not sure he's worth a long term investment. Those are the types of decisions that put you in salary cap trouble down the line. As for the second question, you're right. If Adrian Peterson is a Cowboy in 2015, DeMarco Murray assuredly won't be.

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