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Mailbag: How Markquese Bell Contributes in 2022?


I'm a Jersey guy, so I love seeing the positive updates for Markquese Bell. What is his realistic ceiling for this season?c— H. Melvin / Ocean City, NJ

Nick: I think at this point, he's done everything he can do for an undrafted rookie in the offseason with no pads on. He's impressed the coaches, the scouts and even the media has noticed. He's made those flash plays that we're all looking for. But now, it's time to see what he's got at camp. Let's see how he mixes in with the defense if he gets those opportunities in the team portion of camp. Even with 1-on-1, with the fans watching, how does he stack up against the tight ends and running backs in open space? So he's done a nice job to this point. But we're about to find out what he's really got. But to be cliche, it's definitely in the "so far, so good" category.

Kyle: He's a playmaker. From the time he began emerging on the Cowboys radar during his last season at Florida A&M, he has earned that term and brought it to Dallas. During practices, his speed and size combination were comparable to some of Dan Quinn's favorite safeties in the past. He's not as big as Jayron Kearse, but he plays with game speed that is quicker. Bell could easily work into the rotation that currently includes Kearse, Malik Hooker, and Donovan Wilson. Doesn't mean he'll see a significant amount of defensive playing time, but he should have a role. The ideal start for him, especially early in the season, will be as a core special teams ace that allows him to maximize his forementioned skillset and make some plays.

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