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Mailbag: How Much Can Murray Help Philly's Prep For The Cowboys?

How big an issue is it, when an offense goes up against a former player (as we are with Murray this week) as far as play calls, signs, formations, etc.? Do attempts need to be made to change signals from the sideline, or in Romo's verbiage at the line? Or can Murray basically tell his new team some valuable info about what he knows? I've always been curious about that.

Bryan: There is no question that Murray can help the Eagles coaches with his knowledge of the Cowboys' offense. Where he can help them the most is by explaining how Scott Linehan might react to a certain blitz or a certain adjustment that he would make to a look you gave him. As far as changing line calls – just listening to Romo and the adjustments he made during training camp – those are different from what they were last season.  

David:The calls and audibles should be completely different from what they were. Where I'd think Murray can be an asset is just sharing some of his knowledge of the Cowboys' players – what Romo likes to do in certain situations, what playcalls the offense might favor. There might not be anyone who knows the tendencies of the Cowboys' defenders more than Murray, so that could helpful too.



What's the plan at receiver after Bryant returns in a month? Are they going to carry six? Surely they wouldn't drop a guy they just gave up a draft pick for, or a guy that they drafted last year. I guess Lucky's days are numbered?*

Bryan: If Butler is on the 53-man roster for six weeks they swap picks with the Raiders – so they are basically renting him until they get Bryant back. If he plays well – then he stays if not they can move on without giving up the selection.

David:That little caveat will definitely make Butler the preferred candidate to be released. But I wonder what will happen if they need him to stay on for six weeks, and they have to surrender the pick. Will they release him anyway and hope to recoup the lost pick with a compensatory pick next year? Or maybe they cut another player. It's entirely possible they'd roll with six receivers as an insurance policy for Dez. We'll have to wait and see.

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