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Mailbag: How Quickly Can Michael Be Ready? Comfortable With Weeden?

Can the team bring all four running backs to the game, and if so, how soon can Christine Michael be ready to play within the system?

Bryan: We will need to see how they practice him this week before I can make that call. If he is active where I can see him helping this offense is on short yardage and goal line situations. He is the physical back they didn't have.

David:They can definitely carry them all, especially when you consider that guys like Randle, Dunbar and Clutts can all play special teams. My question is about how quickly they can get him up to speed. We know they feel good about the current trio of Randle, McFadden and Dunbar, so I wonder how urgently they'll push Michael. I wouldn't be surprised to see him out there against the Giants, but I also won't be shocked if it takes him a week or two to get into the mix.


Do you think we are "OK" with Brandon Weeden as back up for Tony Romo? Should the Cowboys look for upgrades in that position?

Bryan: I have my questions about Weeden, considering how much work he got last season and didn't play better in that Arizona game. With that being said – I am going to trust Scott Linehan and what he thinks he can do with him. The upgrade at quarterback is likely to coming during the NFL Draft next spring.

David:I don't feel "OK" in the sense that I think Weeden can lead this team to the playoffs if Romo is seriously injured – but I don't think there's a backup quarterback in the league who I'd feel that confident in. Weeden showed against Washington that he can come in as a reliever and perform. If the Cowboys are in a situation where Weeden is starting, then they're in trouble. But I think the same can be said for just about every team.

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