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Mailbag: How To Handle A.J. Green? Using The Franchise Tag In 2017?

How do you feel the Cowboys will handle A.J. Green on Sunday?  Any chance we see what the Giants did with Dez and roll a safety  (B. Jones) to help the corner (M. Claiborne)?

Bryan: Likely to play him straight up. These corners traditionally don't travel with the receivers, but we have seen in the past that certain down and distance situations, Marinelli will take a corner and put him with the star to try and mix things up. I can see him doing something similar.

David:I don't mind keeping the corners on their sides, since that's typically the way Marinelli likes to play. If Tyler Eifer can't go in this game, though, I think it'd be smart to keep a safety – preferably Byron Jones – over the top of Green. With Jones' help, all of these corners should have a better chance of success.

I know it's early in the season. But, with the play of Claiborne and Church I have to ask who gets the franchise tag? Or do you see both guys getting new contracts?

Bryan: If they weren't willing to give Claiborne that 5th year option, I don't see them putting the franchise tag on him either. As far as working on a new deal for both, I believe they want to see Claiborne play an entire season before committing anything to him for the future.

David:It is early in the season, but I don't really think this team plans to use the franchise tag on any current players. Sure, they'd like to re-sign some of these guys to affordable team contracts – but I don't think they want to pay Mo, Carr or Church like one of the top players in the league at their positions. I think the gameplan will be to secure some affordable depth in free agency and address the secondary in the draft.

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