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Mailbag: How To Handle Philly's No Huddle; Where Is Terrance Williams?

Do you think the defensive line rotation will be limited against the Eagles no huddle offense and if so who would be the best front four for it?

Bryan: You will most likely be playing nickel the majority of this game because of the personnel the Eagles like to work with. With that being said you will most likely see a combination of George Selvie, Tyrone Crawford, Nick Hayden or Terrell McClain and Jeremy Mincey or DeMarcus Lawrence. The opportunity to change will only really come after an incomplete pass so that will be your key in this game.

David:I think that's a good point, and we'll see how much it limits the defense pretty quickly. The Cowboys struggled when the Giants pushed the tempo on Sunday night, and everyone knows that's what the Eagles love to do. It's possible the Cowboys could carry an extra defensive lineman to this game for that reason. Either way, the good news for the Cowboys is that they've got two rotations of healthy guys who can move in and out when they get the chance.

It's been several gams now since Terrance Williams has had any kind of an impact -- not necessarily just scoring touchdowns, but he's hardly contributing anymore. One or two catches per game, and two or three targets per game is not sufficient for a No. 2 receiver. Are defenses doing something differently that he and the coaches can't figure out? Where is he?

Bryan: I would not worry about Terrance Williams, because there are times where he is open in the route and the quarterback is going the other way. Where I would be worried is if this offense didn't have the other weapons and he was seeing those types of numbers. You are making too much of a big deal of him being the second receiver. In all honesty Jason Witten is really that for this offense.

David:We've seen this from Williams when he was a rookie. He chalked up 64 yards and a touchdown in the Oct. 27 loss to Detroit in 2013, and then he wasn't heard from again until December. He's got three catches for 37 yards in the last three games, and you're right -- that's not good enough for a No. 2 receiver. As of right now it's not hurting the Cowboys, because they arent leaning on Williams to be their playmaker, but it's still disconcerting. If I had to guess, if guys like Jason Witten and Cole Beasley -- and obviously Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray -- keep making an impact, you'll see Williams get some opportunities to remind defenses he's there.

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