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Mailbag: How Will OTAs Help The RBs?; What If Gregory Hadn't Been There?

I realize that OTAs are usually teaching sessions more than anything, but given the seeming lack of confidence our coaching staff has in backs like Randle and Williams when it comes to the mental side of their games, might they be more important in their evaluations when they look at how things might shake out in training camp?

Rob: OTA's are definitely important from that standpoint. The handling of assignments is probably the biggest thing coaches can glean from those workouts because there's play installation but no live contact involved. Basically it's the closest thing to a real practice. OTA's start the last week in May, by the way.

David:Ever since the draft ended, we've heard the Cowboys say that they aren't ruling out the possibility of adding another running back before the season. If I had to take an educated guess, I'd say they're going to use OTAs and minicamp to take a hard look at the guys on the roster. Those practices should give them a better idea of how well they can handle it. If they aren't confident in those four by the end of OTAs, I bet they'll go add another guy this summer.


What if Gregory wasn't available at 60? Do the Cowboys still draft defense, or do you think they pull the trigger on a RB (or other)? Thanks.

Rob: Stephen Jones said they looked hard at running back in the first three rounds. Have to think Duke Johnson (No. 77 to Cleveland) would've been strongly considered if Gregory was gone at 60. The Cowboys really liked him, along with T.J. Yeldon, who went off the board earlier in the second round.

David:I'm pretty confident that, had Randy Gregory been unavailable, either Tevin Coleman or Duke Johnson would be this team's top running back right now. The Cowboys had high grades on both. Coleman went of the board at No. 73, to the Atlanta Falcons, while Johnson went No. 77 to the Cleveland Browns. I don't think the Cowboys would have had a problem taking either player at No. 60.

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