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Mailbag: How Will Romo Fare As An Analyst? Trading Back From No. 28?

Do you think Tony Romo will be successful as an analyst? He seems to be well-spoken and have a great football mind, but all that most Cowboy fans have heard from Romo is football-speak.

Bryan: I think Romo will be fine. He'll work hard and be prepared. The only issue I potentially see is if he becomes too technical during the broadcasts. From my experience I have never heard him explain a play quickly. That, he will have to work on. 

David:I think it's kind of ironic that Romo was hired to this job based on the strength of his personality, because he spent much of the last decade trying to be as boring as possible. But now that he's out of the football world, I think he'll be more relaxed and open. I don't think it's going to be a seamless transition. He'll probably have his share of struggles. But he'll be fine in the end.


If the Cowboys are going to drop back out of the first round, I think they won't go further than top five of the second round. What kind of compensation do you think they can get for that?

Bryan: In this case, you're going to Cleveland -- and on the Cowboys chart, they could ask for their fourth-round selection. 

David:It's impossible to predict the exact slotting of a trade until you see the options on the board. But ideally, I don't want to trade back unless I'm getting an extra third-round selection. If you'll remember, the Cowboys gave up a third-rounder to trade up for DeMarcus Lawrence in 2014 – and that was a jump of 13 spots. So in order to get that third-rounder, you're probably going to have to trade into the 40s. Or you're just going to have to hope the team that's trading up is very desperate.

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