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Mailbag: Hype Around Fourth-Round Picks? Darius Jackson Released?

If you read regularly you might come away with the idea that the 133rd overall pick, Ryan Switzer, is a lock to make this team.  A supposed "work in progress" 4th round QB last year aside, how many 4th rounders can you recall creating this sort of buzz so early on in the evaluation process?

Bryan: The reason you're hearing so much about Switzer is his ability to make plays. He's the one guy on the practice field that does something every day that catches your eye. It's easy to evaluate. To your point, you're correct. There aren't many 4th rounders that create this type of a buzz. 

David:Switzer's in a bit of a unique circumstance due to the fact that he has been drafted to what was already a really good offense. It's not like he's being asked to revitalize a bad receiving corps or jump-start a shaky passing game. The fact that he's slotting into a unit with seven Pro Bowlers on it is what gives me reason to think he can contribute right away. I didn't work here in 2005, but Marion Barber was a fourth-round pick who rushed for 538 yards and five touchdowns as a rookie. So it does happen.

I haven't seen much tape on Darius Jackson myself, but I always hear the gang talking about how letting him go was a mistake on The Cowboys Break/Talking Cowboys (great shows) and I'm curious what you guys think about him being waived by Cleveland and if you think we would bring him back? Or has that ship sailed?

Bryan: He was waived injured which means he is hurt. I can't ever remember them claiming an injured player? I just have a gut feeling that ship has sailed and they will move on with the guys they've got. 

David:If Jackson had been waived for performance reasons, I'd be very intrigued. But if he's injured, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to bother with it. I will argue until I'm blue in the face that the Cowboys' decision to release him last season was a bad one. But there are plenty of good running backs on this roster, and I don't see an urgent reason why they need to go back down that road.

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