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Mailbag: If RB Gets Drafted, Who Gets Pushed Out; Take A WR or QB In First Round?

With many of the positions addressed in free agency, how many positions would you not take with the first-round pick? Are they now all on the table, other than special teams?

Nick: I think the Cowboys will look at a quarterback in this draft, but not at No. 27. And I really don't see them taking a wide receiver either, unless of course they feel like they won't get a new deal done with Dez, but that's not going to happen. Tight end would be out of the question for me, and probably center. But other than that, I think it's all available. I would look at defense and particularly at cornerback if one is there. You can't have enough pass-rushers and even a linebacker might be a good fit if one is there at No. 27. 

Bryan: That's a tough question to answer because you never know who might come sliding down that board especially if you are in a situation where you are looking at best available players. My experience is to not limit yourself in the direction you might go. The Packers were looking for defensive players when they drafted Aaron Rodgers. I believe the plan will be to keep an open mind and draft their board.  

If the Cowboys draft a running back, who is the odd man out at running back?

Nick: I think it depends on the type of back the Cowboys get. If they get one like DeMarco Murray's style, such as a Devin Coleman or Duke Johnson, then I could see maybe Joseph Randle being the guy not here. If there is a true speedster, maybe it's Dunbar not around. Or even McFadden could be on the outs if he doesn't show the Cowboys that he's still got the gas in the tank. Personally, I think the Cowboys will draft someone in the first two rounds, keep McFadden and Dunbar and it'll be Randle and Ryan Williams on the outside.  Then again, all it takes is one injury to change all of that. But that's how I would start things off. 

Bryan: Joseph Randle and Ryan Williams are the ones that need to have the type of offseason to makes these coaches trust them more. The writing on the wall is that they went out and got McFadden and tendered Dunbar plus you have Stephen Jones saying this is the deepest running back draft he has ever seen. Randle and Williams have better be on high alert.


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