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Mailbag: Impact Of Dez's Return On The Offense? Using A Featured Back?

If Dez returns this week to play against Seattle, how will that help both the pass and the run game?

Bryan: Well usually with Bryant on the field an opponent will try and cover him with three guys – corner, safety and linebacker underneath to stop the slants. So with those defenders out of the mix that only leaves eight other guys to handle the scheme. It's a big help.

David:In my opinion, one of the biggest positives from Sunday was that Matt Cassel showed he can get the ball downfield and make the opposing secondary pay. It was something Brandon Weeden was never able to do with much success. When Dez returns, Cassel should be able to get him the ball, and that's going to make defenses pay attention – which can only help the rest of the offense.

Even though Dallas maybe had no choice because of the back strain to Randle, do you think because of the success McFadden had in the Giants game, we could see less of the run game by committee, approach? Also, do you think if McFadden would have been the one that was out of the game, Randle would have had as much success running the ball?

Bryan: The line and tight ends were blocking well enough to have any of the backs to have success. I have always believed that if this coaching staff could have found one back they would have rode that through these games. The problem has been until last week none of them stepped up to take the job full time. McFadden will get the first crack with Randle being out and also because they likely don't trust Michael at this point. I will be interested to see what kind of work that Rod Smith gets this week in practice because I am hearing positive things about him and his work.  

David:I would never try to deny that McFadden played a great game on Sunday. But he doesn't have a very good track record of sustaining success – either because of injury or something else. I think he's earned the lion's share of the touches against Seattle, but I still think the coaching staff would prefer to split carries. Assuming Randle is out, this weekend might be the biggest opportunity of all for Christine Michael.


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