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Mailbag: Increasing Zeke's Role As A Receiver? Why Try To Bring Gregory Back?



Dallas supposedly loved Zeke's route running (compared to some of the receivers in that same class) coming out of the draft two years ago. So with Witten and Dez gone, do you think we'll see Zeke be more involved in the passing game this season?

Bryan: There is no question that you will see Elliott more involved in the passing game. He's such a weapon, not only on those screens but balls thrown underneath. What makes him so difficult to defend is the power he plays with in space. Get him the ball one-on-one and the defender has his hands full. They should create more of those opportunities. 

David:I've been calling for Zeke to get more targets in the passing game since he was drafted, but he's still averaging just two catches per game to this point in his career. I hope to see those numbers pick up this year, because we've seen what he can do with those opportunities.



Why is Dallas considering reinstating Randy Gregory; a player that has not played in a couple of years and has had off-the-field issues that resulted in multiple suspensions?  Is it time to cut Randy loose?

Bryan: To be honest, I never thought that Gregory would ever play another down. But I also believe in second chances and he deserves one by getting his life on track. He's still a young man that is getting both mentally and physically healthy. If he makes it back then you've got a player. If he doesn't, you just move on without penalty. I see no reason why they shouldn't at least take a look. 

David:What do you have to lose, exactly? There's literally no risk. Gregory isn't counting toward the Cowboys' salary cap while he's suspended. The team has also found and developed other pass rushers during the last two years. Losing Gregory isn't going to handicap this pass rush the way it did two years ago. The risk in this situation is very small, while the reward is huge. I'm more than comfortable giving the guy another chance.

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