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Mailbag: Interest In Adding A Veteran Tight End? Thoughts On Duke Thomas?



Coby Fleener just got released. Is their any interest in the Cowboys signing him to a one-year contract? He at least has some experience and definitely can at least make up for not having Jason Witten in terms of pass catching. What are your thoughts?

Bryan: I honestly don't think Fleener gives you that much. Other than the Patriots, nobody in the league uses the tight end more than Sean Payton and for Fleener to flop with him would cause me a great deal of concern. I'd like to see how this current group of tight ends play out during training camp -- we might be surprised. 

David:It doesn't concern me that much that Fleener didn't produce during his two years in New Orleans. What does concern me is that he missed the final month of the season with a concussion – which is something we're familiar with around here. All in all, I'm just not convinced Fleener brings something to the equation that the Cowboys don't already have.



What's the status of Duke Thomas? What little I saw from him last season during preseason was pretty good.

Bryan: Thomas has been a part of the off season programs, so he should be ready to go. The guy I feel like has been the forgotten man is Marquez White. I am looking forward to seeing what this offseason brings for him. Nobody is talking about him but at the end of training camp that might not be the case. 

David:I thought Duke had a great shot to make the final roster last year, before injury intervened. Despite that, he's been a steady presence here at the facility, and I like his odds to make an impression again this year. He's going to have a leg up on any of the rookies trying to make this team.

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