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Mailbag: Interest In Tim Jennings? Possibility Of Acquiring RGIII?


With Orlando Scandrick hurt, is it a possibility the team would be looking at recently released CB Tim Jennings from the Bears?*

Nick: Right now, I don't think the Cowboys actually need a cornerback just because Scandrick got hurt. Now, if someone with experience in the slot came along, and they felt it would be an upgrade to Patmon, then yes I could see that. But it's an interesting move for the Bears to release a player with a guaranteed contract. They must really not want him on the squad. For now, I think the Cowboys would be good there.

David:I completely get where your logic is. Jennings has experience playing in this scheme, and he's familiar with Rod Marinelli from their days together in Chicago. I think the Cowboys' primary concern at cornerback comes in the slot, where Scandrick is so good. Most of Jennings' experience comes on the outside – where the coaching staff feels confident about Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne. I wouldn't rule it out, but I wouldn't count on it, either.



If RGIII were to get cut, would the Cowboys take a chance on him and bring him in as a backup. Let him learn behind Romo, watch and learn, then give him another shot again?*

Nick: The answer to your question, is yes. Yes, the Cowboys would take a chance on getting a player with that talent, if he's available and not too pricey. If they're going to do that with Weeden, they'd do it for a Heisman winner from Texas who beat them twice as a rookie just a few years ago. However, I still don't see the Redskins doing that. They will probably explore a trade if anything. But Jerry Jones will always look to add talent in here, regardless of the position.

David:I would jump all over that opportunity if Griffin were to be cut by Washington – but only if he is cut. The Redskins picked up the fifth-year option on his contract, so he'd be far too expensive to acquire in a trade. But I think he's an upgrade over Brandon Weeden, and he'd be able to learn in peace behind a Pro Bowler – assuming Romo doesn't get hurt. 

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