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Mailbag: Investing In The DT Position? Projecting The Future For David Irving?



Why haven't the Cowboys really looked hard at the DT position? I really feel, no matter who they have on the edge, if they don't get a force in the middle, the defense is always going to be their downfall.

Bryan: Sounds like a guy that wants to see them sign Suh? They have addressed the tackle spot with Maliek Collins in the draft and tendering David Irving. What I'd like to see them do is get better depth behind them. This draft should allow them a better opportunity to do that, especially at the nose spot. 

David:If the season started today, the Cowboys' starting duo would be Maliek Collins and David Irving. I feel pretty good about that. Of course, we have to wait and see if anyone else is interested in Irving. I said earlier this week I would have loved to trade for Danny Shelton. It'd be great if they could find themselves a space-eater in this draft, but I'm not convinced they value the one-technique as much as the rest of us want them to.



What do the Cowboys know about David Irving that fans obviously don't? Anybody can see that he is a nightmare for opposing offenses and those guys don't grow on trees. Why just a second-round tender with the likely chance of loosing him?

Bryan: Trust me, they know what they're doing. I'd be surprised if they lost him. If they do, that second-round selection will be put to good use. 

David:I mean, it's right there for anyone to see. Irving missed the first four games of the season due to a suspension. Then, he missed the last four games because of an injury that he didn't properly report. He's a fantastic player, but the organization clearly doesn't trust him completely. I think it'd be a mistake to let him leave, but I understand where their concerns are coming from.

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